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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Graciee', the mother owl

I can see vividly the horned owl sitting proudly upon her nest. She spins her head to hear my squeaky voice. Her large round eyes look at me with that open eyed stare. I take endless photos of her and her babies. I am enthralled at the high nest she has chosen. Yes, she stole an osprey’s nest and laid her eggs. She took her high rise condo from the ospreys.

The ospreys did all the work. They carried the sticks and moss to build a large , comfortable nest. They had not suspected that Graciee’ would occupy it. Graciee’ has a reputation in the mangrove forest. Even the bald eagles fear her. She is a mighty warrior and hunter. She is known for her aggressive spirit and toughness by others who occupy the sky. She has shown her power and strength and can trespass where she wills in the trees and forest.

I see such another side of Graciee’. She sits hour after hour protecting her young. She spreads her wings to keep the harsh wind from whisking them from the nest. She is the shadow that keeps them cool from the radiant sun. She is a nurturing mother by day. By night, she fetches food for her babies. She kills the small terns, splits them open, and takes the babies their warm hearts. Her ways are not my way, but she provides as she is designed.

Graciee’ taught me many lessons this month. She knows her destiny, her design, her given territory, and her responsibilities. Sometimes her ways seem ruthless, but they are the law of survival. She abides by those laws to make a way for her offspring. They too will learn these survival rules as they grow and become mature owls. Right now, they are sweet little fur balls. I love looking at the dandelion looking heads with large,dark round eyes. I never tire of spying on them and chuckle at their comic look.

Graciee’, as I have affectionately named her, still sits on her nest. She sits much higher now. Her multicolored and patterned feathers are apparent to observers. Her horns are silhouetted against the bright azure sky. She is higher because the chicks are growing rapidly. She is uncomfortable, but comfort is not her priority.

Thank you, Graciee’ , for you entertainment and life lessons. You have helped clarify life’s destiny for me. We have the same Creator. He cares for us both. His design for her is so different than mine; yet, we are alike in many ways. I was ruthless to anyone who tried to attack my young ,be it disease or mankind. I loved caring for our sons but grew tired and weary and uncomfortable. I didn’t steal a nest, but I stole time from others. I chose warm breast milk instead of warm tern hearts to nourish them. However, mothers around the world make such sacrifices to feed their hungry young. My little owlets are long gone from the nest as Gaciee's will be in spring. I taught them survival through Christ Almighty. Christ reveals through nature His ultimate plans and provisions. Ahh, I have learned so much through embracing nature and tucking away her teachings.