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Friday, October 26, 2012

Leaves leaving boxes in my garage.

Where did the leaves go?

            I have not blogged for a month.  Moving and relocating plays havoc with my writing discipline.  Since I have had guest for the last two weeks, I have been busy entertaining and painting with my sister. 
            Yes, I still have piles of boxes in the garage, but the piles are lower and fill less space.  I have had to  practice being in the "now".  Early in the morning, I think I need to pray, clean, wash, walk Dobie, check on ill relatives, and unpack more boxes. Then , I realize I must scurry to the grocery, get some treats for the girls, plan dinner, and come home to those boxes.  Then, a neighbor calls and asks if I would like to walk with her.  Another neighbor asks me to come in for a little visit.  I return and still try not to think of the boxes.  As I look around my little house, the cupboards and shelves and closets are full.  How will I find places for the boxes? 
            Next, sparkly blue eyes are at my door smiling and giving hugs.  They run to my art room, their playroom, and ask for cookies and milk.  Baby dolls and fairies are now my priorities.  Den peeps in the door and asks, “What’s for dinner?”  Oops, I forgot dinner plans.  The phone rings and it is my sweet daughter-in-law asking us to come for dinner.
            Yep, the priorities seem to be walking and playing.  I do make time for conversations with God and praying for my friends and family and reading the Word.  But, the rest of the day is like a whirlwind of surprises.  I guess I need my disciplined Muncie friends to help organize my day. (Lisa and Shauna)  However, these days sure are fun just like they are because I know that God has healed Den’s cancer.  On nice days, we sit on our front porch and talk of our sons’ visits, family vacations, and our future time to read and bask in the sun, and how grateful we are for God's intervention. 

            Will those boxes get unpacked?  Why, yes, in due time.  If they don’t the Salvation Army store is six blocks away.  Lots of blessings in those boxes!  So, in the meantime, I will be off with Denny on errands and visiting his mom.  I bet the boxes will still be there when we return.