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I write day after day because I discover extraordinary lessons from ordinary life experiences. I record my visual portraits of everyday life filled with something sacred in hopes that my reflections might bring an insight that blesses my readers.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Joy Shared Brings Faith To Others

One of the greatest joys of my life is talking about God with friends and family.  I yearn to hear their stories, their miracles, their memories of God.  The recounting of God’s works lifts my faith and helps me know the depth of God.
Yesterday, a former pastor and his wife dropped in for a visit.  They are 87 and 84  now and getting a little fragile.  They still have great God stories to share.  They shared how a pastor in town prayed and asked God to resurrect their son who was born dead and remained dead for twenty minutes.  They prayed.  They believed.  God answered.  They had used their faith to pray for a dead baby early in their ministry and knew God was big, really big.  The baby began to breathe again and both babies are grown men and in careers this day.  
Smith Wigglesworth was an evangelist in the early 1900s in England, United States, South Africa, and Australia.  He is one of my favorite Bible teachers.  He was an ordinary man used in an extraordinary way by God.  He spent many hours each day studying the word of God and praying and built up his faith , so he could expect miracles and know God would answer.  He had great faith in what God could do, and God did great healings and conversions through him.  There is documentation of him raising men from the dead at least twenty times.  He didn’t rest until he saw God move in the lives of those who needed Him.  He prayed fervently until a child was healed.  Yet, in his own life he and his wife had  a deaf child that remained deaf her entire life. Wigglesworth lost a young son and his evangelist wife to early deaths,yet he went on with his spiritual journey.   Regardless of these tragedies,he continued to trust God and be used by God to heal others.  As I read his  biography,  I realized a man who had complete trust and unwavering faith in God and lived by his favorite saying, “ Only believe.”
I desire to be unwavering. I want to be a yielding prayer warrior.  I hunger to know and understand God’s word.  I want to practice that word and encourage others. I fall short of all these goals, but I keep learning from others.  Life is short but grace is long.  I will continue my spiritual journey because of those who take the time to share God’s wonders, His miracles, and His love.
Do you have a God story you would like to share on my blog?  I would love to hear them and share them with others. You could add them to the comment section or be a guest blogger on Sandi's Impressions.  We all are faith builders because of what God has done in our lives.  I am looking forward to your stories.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joy in the Morning

Joy in the Morning and Understanding For the Day

What generates hope and joy?  In my life, I visit with God early in the morning.  My meditations and readings of His word shape my day.   My thinking is enlarged with this time with Him.  My imagination is ignited, and His pure thoughts challenge my thinking.
Sometimes just a word or phrase penetrate my soul.  For example, this morning I was studying the Psalms.  They teach me to worship and have awe for my Creator.  “Know that the Lord is God, and it is He who made us, and we are His; we are his people, the sheep of His pasture.”  (Ps.100)  
There is comfort and peace knowing He made us.  Last week so many of my loved ones had medical exams, testing, or test results returned from previous MRI readings.  Because of His word, I know that they are His.  He has their back and mine.  We are His people and His faithfulness endures forever. Today I am trusting in His faithfulness to these people He has put in my life.  
I pray.  I hope.  I trust.  God is with them because they are the sheep of His pasture. He protects them like the good shepherd He is. The rhythm of His words bring harmony to my soul.  His teaching enriches my understanding.  I can recall his promises while I wait in a hospital for my husband, my friend,  or my grandchild.  They are held in His hand and are protected by His love. 
My soul is enriched by gathering His words in my heart.  My focus is centered on Him, not on medical findings.  I trust in His love and His justice and His mercy.  Because I tarry in the mornings with Him, I am at peace and able to intercede for those I love.  Jesus hears and intercedes for them and me.  I will sing of His love throughout my day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soggy Blogging

Soggy Blogging
The Indiana weather pattern has certainly been dreary.  Rain, hail, mist, colder temperatures inundate us daily. We are used to sunny spring days and flat lands filled with flowers.  We can’t plan our gardening routines.  Instead, we must run outside at the beaconing of one small sunbeam.  That old saying, “ Make hay while the sun shines,” suddenly has new meaning.
I think this weather forces us to appreciate the good days so much more.  Because of our hard winter, my friends write on face book about the sun, the warm morning, their long walk or run because of a nice day.  I hear folks in the grocery talking about their eagerness to plant flowers and crops when the weather breaks.  Does it take gloom, rain, and dark clouds to make us appreciate what we take for granted?
I have realized that sometimes just when I take my health for granted, something happens.  After being confined to a couch for a couple of days, I begin to feel the' healing’ energy arise.  I know I am improving.  I don’t mind doing chores, putting on my makeup, or straightening the house.  I am so elated that I feel like living again.  I realize moving, doing, and working are privileges.
I notice that when Den and I have difficult days communicating or being sensitive to each other’s needs, I suffer.  I want the thoughtful man I married to return.  Then, I look within and realize I am not much of a bargain today.  I need to say something positive, give a hug even when not deserved, or just do something nice for him.  Again, it seems to take a blah day to make me realize how good most of my life is. 
God is with me during the gray days.  He is beside me as I heal.  His compassion is within me.  God is always there even when I am tired and complaining. I know the sun is shining above the clouds, even when I can’t see it.  I know that my body can heal itself if I slow down and take care of it.  I understand that Denny is nicer to me when I reach out to him.  These are simple truths but so hard to implement.  How do we lose our focus?  How do we repair ourselves? I will share some blogs on how to appreciate this day, this hour, the person, and the opportunity of learning and creating.  
I suspect I have these epiphanies because the weather has chased me inside.  I have time to think, to meditate, and to write.  Dark days do bring light.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thinking About My Future

On rainy, gray days, I just have to think about the future.  My thought pattern goes like this, “ it won’t be too long” until.....Today I realized that it won’t be too long until the Midwest Writers Workshop, which is the last weekend of July.  One of my favorite authors is coming this year.  Her name is Patti Digh . I started following her blog called 37 Days. www.http://37 Days She originally wrote the blog to share her feelings while sitting with her dying stepfather, who died 37 days from the time of his diagnosis of lung cancer.  Her blog became a book.  She writes of everyday matters that matter.  She motivates me to write, to ponder, and to simplify.  
    I met her at Borders on a cold winter day.  She was presenting, and my blogging friends and I went to hear her.  We were not disappointed.  She challenged us to think what we would do if we knew we only had thirty- seven days left on this earth. She encouraged us to write and cherish each moment of time.
    I like her because she addresses everyday problems with insights and experience.  While at her reading, I bought her books, Life is A Verb, Creative is a Verb, and Four Word Self Help.  I enjoyed and learned from each one.  In Life Is A Verb, Patti challenges us to live life fully,  to love,  to question, and how to write down these answers.  I applaud how she uses  profound quotations , personal stories, and action challenges.  She teaches the reader to live intentionally.  She shows us how to make this very moment sacred and meaningful.
    She is coming to Muncie.  Yes, you too can study under her at the Intensive Workshop on Thursday, July 28th. She will hold an all day session sharing, teaching, and giving opportunities to grow, understand, and capture these truths on paper.  I am most excited to be a part of her workshop, which will be a small, intimate group.
    “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”  These words of Edward de Bono I pass on to you.  Come with me on July 28th and break out of some of your old patterns.  Be inspired by Patti Digh.  Hurry and sign up for her workshop on the Midwest Writers Workshop website.You will spend the day with the instructor and other writers who share your interest. The Part I Intensive small-group sessions are limited to small class sizes. They fill up rapidly so respond quickly. The cost for Part I is $115 and includes lunch. Join me, my writing friends.  We are in for an inspirational ride.