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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thinking About My Future

On rainy, gray days, I just have to think about the future.  My thought pattern goes like this, “ it won’t be too long” until.....Today I realized that it won’t be too long until the Midwest Writers Workshop, which is the last weekend of July.  One of my favorite authors is coming this year.  Her name is Patti Digh . I started following her blog called 37 Days. www.http://37 Days She originally wrote the blog to share her feelings while sitting with her dying stepfather, who died 37 days from the time of his diagnosis of lung cancer.  Her blog became a book.  She writes of everyday matters that matter.  She motivates me to write, to ponder, and to simplify.  
    I met her at Borders on a cold winter day.  She was presenting, and my blogging friends and I went to hear her.  We were not disappointed.  She challenged us to think what we would do if we knew we only had thirty- seven days left on this earth. She encouraged us to write and cherish each moment of time.
    I like her because she addresses everyday problems with insights and experience.  While at her reading, I bought her books, Life is A Verb, Creative is a Verb, and Four Word Self Help.  I enjoyed and learned from each one.  In Life Is A Verb, Patti challenges us to live life fully,  to love,  to question, and how to write down these answers.  I applaud how she uses  profound quotations , personal stories, and action challenges.  She teaches the reader to live intentionally.  She shows us how to make this very moment sacred and meaningful.
    She is coming to Muncie.  Yes, you too can study under her at the Intensive Workshop on Thursday, July 28th. She will hold an all day session sharing, teaching, and giving opportunities to grow, understand, and capture these truths on paper.  I am most excited to be a part of her workshop, which will be a small, intimate group.
    “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”  These words of Edward de Bono I pass on to you.  Come with me on July 28th and break out of some of your old patterns.  Be inspired by Patti Digh.  Hurry and sign up for her workshop on the Midwest Writers Workshop website.You will spend the day with the instructor and other writers who share your interest. The Part I Intensive small-group sessions are limited to small class sizes. They fill up rapidly so respond quickly. The cost for Part I is $115 and includes lunch. Join me, my writing friends.  We are in for an inspirational ride.  

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  1. Long time, no hear from you, my friend. Missed you!