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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tree Timing

Tree Timing
God’s trees have been my refuse and my help since I was a small child. I remember sitting under a palm tree and talking to God.  He was my friend, and I talked to Him daily.  I would seek refuge from soft rains under the palm branches and feel so safe.
When I was seventeen, I had no money to go to college.  My parents were getting a divorce and had not saved or predicted I would go to college.  I was the first person of many cousins and relatives that decided go to a university.  Since my parents were selling our home and land, I asked if I could have five walnut trees cut before they put the land for sale.  Those five walnuts trees provided my first tuition deposit.  God provided the next four years.  That is another story for another time.  So, again,trees made provisions for me.
Today I still see trees as living creatures that give continually.  They give shelter to the hot and weary.  They bear fruit for all to eat.  I see oranges and grapefruit on trees and realize how generous each tree is.  Sweet cherries in Michigan bring many smiles to children’s faces.  Trees hold fame positions especially in the garden of Eden.  We all wonder what   kind of fruit could have been so tempting.
When we was rearing our sons, I used to claim they would grow as strong as the cedar trees of Lebanon.  Scriptures always referred to their strength, and when I saw them I knew why.  They are strong, resilient, magnificent trees.  I still claim that growth for our sons emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  
Trees are an integral part of my life.  I marvel at their spring beauty lit with dainty pink and white blossoms.  Those trees bring hope of warmer weather. I cherish old trees that have housed our children’s playhouses over thirty years ago.  I pray that I may be like a” tree planted by the water” as stated in Ps. 1:3.  I thank God for His gift of trees.  They show favor to humanity as does He.