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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Reverend Myron Oyler tribute

Dedicated to Reverend Myron Oyler  

How do you thank a man who changed your life, your husband’s, and your two sons?  A man we loved and admired for many years went through heaven’s gate  on February 24.  He touched so many lives and made a difference in our world. 

The first time I met Myron, he extended the biggest, strongest hand I had ever felt.  His laugh was as big as his six foot four frame.  He was a farmer by trade but called by God to preach the gospel.  He followed that call with complete dedication, sincerity, and integrity. 

Myron taught me to read my Bible.  He knew the scriptures so well that I would use him as my concordance.  I’d phone him spontaneously and ask, “ Myron, where is the scripture on forgiveness, or baptism, or any other topic I was trying to grasp.” Amazingly, he could tell me where it was chapter and verse.  He expounded on why that scripture would change my life and anyone else’s.  He was a Bible scholar and his tattered Bibles revealed that it was a daily habit, not just a tool for Sunday sermons.

His sermons conveyed scriptural principles and always the love and power of faith.  He taught faith with the passion of Kenneth Hagin, his favorite evangelist.  Myron taught me faith. He showed me faith.  He lived by faith in Jesus and His powerful name.  He walked me hand in hand through believing for a miracle healing for our son, John Foster.  He taught me how to believe and sow seed into the kingdom of God and expect a dynamic return being shared with others.  He knew about seed from his years of farming and gardening.  He understood the physical principle and how to manifest the concept spiritually.  Our family trusted his insights and respected his love of the word.

He always had time to fellowship and serve his congregation.  If you needed a hand at picking corn or beans, he was there.  His love was chopping wood.  He took our youngest son, Adam, out to his farm to teach him to chop wood.  At the time, Adam was a football player, wrestler, and weight lifter.  He thought he was strong until he saw how a man forty years older swing that ax with precision, and cut and stack wood with speed and accuracy.  Adam came home that night exhausted exclaiming,
“ Mr. Oyler is the strongest man I’ve ever seen.”  Yes, Myron was strong in body and spirit.  He was one of a kind and a vintage example of the hard work ethic. 

Myron’s wife, Betty Jean, was truly his helpmate.  She too looked after and prayed for our children and so many more.  She and he had perseverance and compassion like no other couple I have ever known.  They loved the children of God and partnered in feeding, loving, and praying for them.  They modeled team marriage to our children and us. 

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to love Myron and study under him.  He taught me to love Jesus on a deeper level.  He taught me the importance and impact of daily scripture meditation.  He gave his heart, body, and spirit to God’s children.  Now, he is with his Creator, laughing and praising Him in a new way.  I am confident that Myron is learning from God’s word in the heavens as he did on earth.  He was a servant of God who was faithful and obedient.  I am so grateful that he was my pastor and friend.  I’ll see you on the other side, Myron.  I will walk with you by our Savior’s side just as we did on this earth.  Thank you.  Thank you for all you gave to our family.  We are grateful and you will be missed.

*Funeral services will be March 5th at 10:00 a.m. at Elm Ridge Funeral Home in Muncie.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sunrise Secrets


“If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise.” 
 Jeannette WallsHalf Broke Horses

            What if each sunrise held a secret meaning? Have you ever considered that each cloud shape might be hieroglyphics from God?  Does He share individual messages in the sunbeams penetrating through the clouds?  I try not to prioritize, but instead, allow Him to direct my seeing.
            I feel closer to the kingdom of God watching the daybreak each morning.  I ponder the red, blue and orange message as the mist rises into the grey skies.  As I consider the presence of this new day filled with the beauty of the heavens, I find it majestic like our Lord.  He is filling me with His glory and opening my heart.  He is telling me how much He loves me. 
            Is He reminding us of His light and glory? I physically can see the manifestation of His hand, His glory, and His love as if dawn is echoing His words through the quiet of the morning.  It is for the entire world to see if we just take the time to be present and embrace the silent beauty. 
            As the sun slowly enters to light our world, the intensity changes.  The light shines through each cloud creating new images.  It is as if I can see into heaven and see Gods Shekinah glory.  I never tire of understanding these truths and admiring the magnificent light show spilling into paradise places.   I am certain there is a message of hope.  It cleanses my soul of despair and darkness.  It creates in me a new day.  Wonderful and glorious is the break of day, just like God is to me. 
            Layers of soft white lights fill the firmament with his glory.  Small smudges of pink highlight His goodness.  I am urged to lift my voice and hands in praise because He is my fortress and salvation. 
            This image continues all day and reflects in my mind instead of the waters below the sky where I watch this scene develop.  The suns circular formation is hiding behind the yellow and orange clouds.  At first, it is faint, but God slowly pushes it from the horizon into the heavens for all mankind to see.  Beams of light radiate out like a hand reaching to those who are watching, those who are expecting, and those who take morning minutes to praise and be humbled by this consistent but unique sight each day.  I am changed by His power. I am changed by His presence.
            I close my eyes and try to remember each hue, the wispy shapes of clouds that contrast against the fluffy ones, and the golden reflection in the still, orange waters.  I want to transport this image in my mind to glorify Him all this day.  I thank Him for speaking through the beauty of the dawn.  I thank Him for the bold colors that freshly awaken my soul with His majestic message of love.