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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Living life is hard work.

Hurts, heartaches, horrible depression, and more
Art work by Betty Fraley

I have been mentoring, encouraging, and learning from friends with bipolar disease and severe depression, a life long depression, or a deep hurt that plagues them every day, every hour.  God keeps sending these folks to me and I hurt for them.  Their daily lives are plagued with unrest, hurt, despair, and unimaginable mental and emotional pain. 

It puzzles me why God sends these people to me because I know nothing about how to fix them.  I do pray for them.  I try to write encouraging messages or share positive thoughts and views with them.  However, I am so inept, so insecure in this ministry that I totally lean on God.  I am weak.  Weak in a way that I just don’t know what could keep these folks encouraged or how to experience daily joy.  My only answer is Jesus, the healer, the provider, the counselor, and the one who is always faithful.  How do I impart that answer into them?

Spending over twenty years as a Young Life teacher and counselor taught me one clear principle.  Begin where they are.  Relate to their life this day.  Sometimes that is so hard for me because God wired me as a positive, mostly happy woman.  I forgive quickly and don’t hold grudges.  Nothing I do; God just made me that way.  I can find silver linings in most lessons and experiences in my life.  However, when I talk with these friends, those silver linings are more difficult to find and explain.  So, I am back to all I know to do.  Pray.

I do know that scripture makes it clear that grace and truth are Jesus’ provisions to us.  He has a plan for our lives. He’s got my hand and I’ve got His.  That is all I know to impart to my hurting friends.  He’s got their hand and all they need is to hold tightly. I think my plea today is for us all to be sensitive to others.  We don’t know their story, hurts, or pain.  Be diligent to pray for those the Lord brings to you.  That’s all I know.  Pray and pray some more.