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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soggy Blogging

Soggy Blogging
The Indiana weather pattern has certainly been dreary.  Rain, hail, mist, colder temperatures inundate us daily. We are used to sunny spring days and flat lands filled with flowers.  We can’t plan our gardening routines.  Instead, we must run outside at the beaconing of one small sunbeam.  That old saying, “ Make hay while the sun shines,” suddenly has new meaning.
I think this weather forces us to appreciate the good days so much more.  Because of our hard winter, my friends write on face book about the sun, the warm morning, their long walk or run because of a nice day.  I hear folks in the grocery talking about their eagerness to plant flowers and crops when the weather breaks.  Does it take gloom, rain, and dark clouds to make us appreciate what we take for granted?
I have realized that sometimes just when I take my health for granted, something happens.  After being confined to a couch for a couple of days, I begin to feel the' healing’ energy arise.  I know I am improving.  I don’t mind doing chores, putting on my makeup, or straightening the house.  I am so elated that I feel like living again.  I realize moving, doing, and working are privileges.
I notice that when Den and I have difficult days communicating or being sensitive to each other’s needs, I suffer.  I want the thoughtful man I married to return.  Then, I look within and realize I am not much of a bargain today.  I need to say something positive, give a hug even when not deserved, or just do something nice for him.  Again, it seems to take a blah day to make me realize how good most of my life is. 
God is with me during the gray days.  He is beside me as I heal.  His compassion is within me.  God is always there even when I am tired and complaining. I know the sun is shining above the clouds, even when I can’t see it.  I know that my body can heal itself if I slow down and take care of it.  I understand that Denny is nicer to me when I reach out to him.  These are simple truths but so hard to implement.  How do we lose our focus?  How do we repair ourselves? I will share some blogs on how to appreciate this day, this hour, the person, and the opportunity of learning and creating.  
I suspect I have these epiphanies because the weather has chased me inside.  I have time to think, to meditate, and to write.  Dark days do bring light.


  1. I needed to hear this, friend, because my thoughts can become as dark as the sky. ~peace~

  2. Thanks Sandi. Beautiful. I needed that.

  3. I am finally getting caught up with blog reading and I am so inspired by your posts! I'm just reading and contemplating, and so enjoying this! Thank you, dear friend, for your persistence and for your open loving heart! I love you dearly,