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Friday, October 23, 2009

Changing Channels

Not often, but sometimes, I sit senseless in front of the television randomly changing channels. I listen to poor dialogue; change the channel. I watch sharks swarming, then, change the channel. I stop and listen to the vendor on the shopping station explain how great this product is. I almost want to buy it because she is so excited and persuasive. Then, I realize I have a camera, mixer, or jean jacket just like she is describing. I just didn't appreciate it quite as much as this sales person. I change the channel again to discover a snarling couple on Jerry Springer's program. I change immediately. After a few more clicks of the remote, I realize that I am not interested in viewing.

As I turn off the television, I wish I could have a remote for my family and friends. I would click on the "prosperity channel" and dial in and ask that my son's and many of my young friends' school loans would be paid, my neighbor's income increased incredibly, my friend's cancer bills paid.

Then, I would click again to the " common sense" channel. This call would ask that friends that are doing foolish things like diving into divorce, neglecting their children, depending on prescription drugs to make it through the day to be reinstated to sound thinking.

Yes, the "body channel" would be next. It would be easier than "The Greatest Loser" plan. All I need to do is call in and request a certain size, shape, and health fix and bingo, it is done. I could continue my fantasy , but I know after so many years on this earth that life just isn't that easy. I don't even understand why I have such unreasonable thoughts when I have seen God transcend all of the above problems.

"Abide in me ,and I in you." John 15:4 From moment to moment, and from hour to hour, the inner nature of man with all his problems and woes is to be continously sustained with the life of God. In other words, only when I am weak and empty can I constantly receive His fullness. He is the power source. He is every channel I could ever need, and He is the channel. Sometime when you are channel surfing, why not try to channel His words, His direction, His wisdom into your mind, heart, and spirit. This experience with God will be a reality show that gains you a little piece of eternity right now.

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