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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Loud Voices

Loud Voices

As Edna St. Vincent Millay said, “And the day is loud with voices speaking.” I often hear this line of poetry as I arise and try to organize my days’ priorities. When I was working full time and rearing sons, I always anticipated a day when no voices would make demands of my time. My expectations of retirement were long leisurely days of time. I have been retired ten years, and I still hear those voices.

The voices call to me, “Meditate, create, write, paint, garden, and sometimes clean.” I have listed these calls in the order I prioritize. Only one thing tumbles this order, when granddaughters can visit, when friends need help, when I hear God directing me to serve someone this day, this hour.

Meditation must start my day. For thirty-five years or more, I have begun my day with the Lord. Some days there is lingering with the Spirit and hearing His tender songs. Other days there is a word from the Bible that creates a new passion or understanding of God’s love, grace, or power. Often mornings are met with a random Bible verse that I view in a new morning light. I ponder and ask how I am doing at pursuing this truth or command. Early honesty is a must. I know that difficult verses are for easy days. Hard times and troubled days require simple verses that I can just cling and embrace. That is why I spend the first hour learning from God.

I tuck in each epiphany, new lesson, and awareness into a notebook. I reserve the right to pull out these many notebooks and review what God has highlighted. I understand that wisdom is built upon precept upon precept. Understanding of God’s character has taken me years, and I still know so little. Each day with God is graced with new meaning and understanding, and knowing His love. This is the consistent voice that calls to me early each day.

The rest of the calling is then prioritized. I sometimes just grab my paints and create a painting of God’s beauty. Other days, I begin by writing a blog or work on another piece of uncompleted writing. Other mornings after water aerobics, I just enjoy writing random thoughts from quotes or poems. The process of writing clears my mind and boosts my soul. I have kept a journal since I was fifteen. I guess that is why…to clarify my thoughts, inspire my day, and calm my soul.

Then, the voices begin to scream: bike ride, walk the dogs, clean the floors, visit shut-ins, cook dinner for someone, and hey, what about doing something fun with Denny today. The phone yells loudly as it reminds me of: board meeting, church meetings, and art commitments. The sweetest voice is the little voice of my granddaughters, “Mimi, can we come see you?” Those two little girls have dancing voices. I know our season is short. They will grow quickly, and I will no longer be so special to them. I am Mimi who plays house and dolls and does art projects. I must grab each opportunity because it will quickly pass.

I recognize that we all struggle with different demands each day. My neighbor points out that any of the voices that call to me bring a happy season. I am in a wonderful place and am so thankful for God’s provisions and grace. That is why I follow that first voice of the morning, my Creator’s.


  1. I feel like dancin'! It just makes me want to dance after I've read your inspiration! So keep writing and I'll enjoy the dance!

  2. Thank you Andria. You keep dancin' , girl.