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Friday, October 22, 2010

Creators create blogs...sort of

We are writers, after all, we write. Period. Generally speaking, we don’t do techie stuff. None of us really knows, no care to know, how the mysterious mechanics of the cyber world work. We only know that it all works and that it is important to the success of our blogging endeavors. nittygritty of
I totally agree that bloggers thrive on writing.  It is our passion, past time, and purpose.  In our blogging group , we all agree on this principle.  What we can't agree on, is how is the best way to utilize all that blogger has to offer.  Those technical tricks are baffling. 

At my home, we had a blogging class taught by my friend, Jason.  He is so intelligent  and has may skills in computer science.  He is  productive and generous with his talents. Jason took time to teach my blogging friends some ideas on increasing traffic to our blogs.  He showed us how to link to other post, work on our page design, and how blogs are effective.  All of us were fifty or over, yet we were so eager to learn how to upgrade our blogs.

Jason's patient instruction made us feel successful.  Today we are attempting to apply those teachings.  So, I hope you visit again to see some improved postings and blog designs.

I need you to do me a favor.  When you visit my blog, will you become a follower?  You just need to look on the right side of my blog and push "follow".  If you arrow down on the kind of account button, you need to  push google account or any of the others on the list to which you belong.  I promise no crazy emails will come into your box.  It really helps me to have followers.  I am trying to get noticed by publishers or other writers.  If they see several people follow, they will stop a few seconds and view my writing.  Thanks so much for helping me in my pursuit to be a published writer.  Blogging is a way of communicating and sharing in our way too busy world.


  1. I'm jealous that you have his number memorized by heart - LOL! Thank you for sharing him with us and I hope we can do it again! I like your request for readers to follow - will keep checking to see what kind of feedback you get from that.
    See you tomorrow!

  2. I changed to orange. I am a chameleon indeed. Thank you for getting us all started in our blogging group. I always enjoy our gatherings.