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I write day after day because I discover extraordinary lessons from ordinary life experiences. I record my visual portraits of everyday life filled with something sacred in hopes that my reflections might bring an insight that blesses my readers.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first day of 2011

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Well, it is 2011.  Today I begin a new year of writing and creating.  I write for the joy of writing, so this should be a joyful year.  I don’t really make new year’s resolutions, but I set goals .  I will write more and paint more this year.  Most self-help books indicate that I should say specifics like : write two hours a day, paint four hours every Thursday and Saturday.  I am not made up of specifics, details, and exact quotas.  God just made me spontaneous, free, and appreciative of  each moment.

I will sit in the sunshine, walk in the wind, play with my granddaughters, and enjoy the feel of the keys on my fingertips.  I will write the songs, the longings, the anticipations within my heart.  I will not worry that my writing is “not good enough”.  Instead, I will acknowledge that my writing is my voice within.  It is the pleas of my heart to share my thoughts, my happenings, and my God praises.  I must put these ideas into words to know completeness and understand my destiny.  I have a compelling need to chart my journey in journals, in blogging, in short essays, and in poems and scrapbooks.

My visual world brings depth to my journey.  I realize while painting an image how art brings me closer to my Creator.  Art encompasses my soul, my being, my emotions.  Through painting and scrap booking and visual journals, I document my stories, ideas, and emotions.  Visual creating is so close to writing.  Each takes all my focus and a little courage.  I must tromp out that critic voice that says, “ You can’t write; you can’t paint.”  That voice is loud and tries to obstruct my creating.  I know that God created me and is the giver of my gifts.  It is He who makes me hunger to paint with words and oil colors.  It is as if He is speaking directly to me as I enter into creative acts.  I cherish these moments and plan to honor my gifts and use them more this year. 

So, as I reflect on this new year, I know that I know God has an ultimate plan for me.  I know that I know I will be needed by friends and family.  I understand that His grace will be sufficient for whatever challenges I must face.  I know that I know creating will bring and document memories of 2011. I know that I know that it is the Giver of these gifts that brings me joy and hope.


  1. Happy new year! I look forward to seeing/reading your 2011 journaling:-)

  2. Thank you, Kristie for reading and relating. Happy New Year to you too.

  3. I thinking it is interesting that you are combining your interests and recollections from childhood memories and painting into your blog best wishes for your endeavors into freelance writing.

  4. Yes, Weigmeister, my blog is a smattering of paint, a result of prayer, and memories of my journey with God. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate you taking the time to read and react. Please stop by again.