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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Party Planning

Planning for a Special Day
Many of you know that I had a garden reception for Annie and Adam last month.  The newlyweds met and greeted relatives and friends that could not make the Cozumel destination wedding.
I had been working from check list for over a month.  Each week Den and I would do a big project and countless small ones to be ready by June 18.  I petitioned my heavenly Father for good weather.  It became  a faith stand. However, He honored my faith by giving us four hours with no rain.  The party was from 3 to 6.  His timing was perfect.
I was blessed by friends who offered to furnish and make the coleslaw, the pasta salad, furnish the linens, and even help be a server for the day. Denny was wonderful in helping on my long “to do” list.  
There were so many little details to attend.  I know part of it is that I love planning for a party and hoped everything would be perfect.  I wrapped  the silverware cleverly, the table decor was designed to be inviting and lovely with sea shell centerpieces. It was important that  the food be tasty and presented like a Martha Stewart gathering. However, most importantly, I wanted my gardens to explode with beauty.
I worked laboriously making gardens look kept.  I spent morning hours spraying bloom booster to enhance the flower production. The weather did not cooperate, and the flowers needed sun.  I was obsessed with checking for blooms or wilting flowers.  I wanted the day to beautiful and Annie and Adam to be surrounded by best friends and family, who were laughing and enjoying the fruits of my labor.
This morning during devotions, it hit me.  God spent laborious hours creating this beautiful earth.  He provided rain, sunshine, and the flowers I nurture in my own little Garden of Eden.  He went much farther than I.  He made all provisions for us to live in a paradise, a party with Him for the rest of our lives.  He gave His life, so I might partake of the best celebration in eternity.  He left no one from the guest list.  We all are invited.
If I were as diligent tending my soul as I had been preparing for this party, I would have a full and nourished soul.  I think I need to make a soul check list each day, and I will do one really big project each week for my soul just like I did to prepare for this party.  Each day I must do small tasks to keep my soul nourished.  God will provide the nudging, the spiritual list, and all I have to do is accept His invitation to be in His presence each day.  I so love how God teaches us through our projects and daily happenings.   

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