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Friday, August 5, 2011

Laughing at Myself

Laughing at myself, want to join me?
Tonight I called the Keurig technical support line.  My fancy coffee pot just won’t work.  It is about a year old and should not have quit so soon.  I explained this to Jonathan , the polite customer service man.
He started out so positive.  “Now, Mrs. Baron, let’s try a different outlet.”  I obeyed.  “Now, let’s fill the reservoir with water and power up.” I once again followed directions.  Each step the directions were more difficult for me to matriculate.  Finally, after about a half of an hour, I asked Jonathan, “What do you do all this time while you are on hold and customers are doing your suggested remedies?”  
Jonathan replied, “ Oh, I am answering customer emails and doing other computer tasks.”
I replied, “ Wow, you have time to read a whole book by the end of the day.” 
“Well, Mrs. Baron, honestly most folks don’t keep me on hold for thirty minutes.  Have you found that gasket yet?”


  1. No, I never did. They gave up and sent me a new one. lol

  2. Hahaha! And good for you for keeping him on hold for so long!