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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank you, Tom Divine

Learning to live takes focus, practice, and intent of purpose.  This week Tom Divine past on to his next life.  He was loved by so many students, faculty, and friends.
He only walked his journey a short time, but he lived life to the fullest.
      Testimonies on facebook have blessed me.  One after another thank him for being their mentor, their friend, their coach.  He not only coached track and swimming, he was a life coach to so many students.  His smile was contagious, and even in his eight o’clock swim classes, he had a smile and a joke for students on Monday mornings.  He made the cold water tolerable because of his warmth and understanding of teens.

When I taught at Delta, I can never remember a day when Tom wasn’t smiling and filled with energy.  He bopped down the halls cheering others with his, “ Hey, how you doing?”  Tom did things right.  He took care of his body, ate right, but most significantly he cared for his soul.  Because he sought God as his mentor, his family was blessed with a caring Dad and husband.  His church was blessed with his singing of praises to God.  His life was lived for a purpose.....serving others. 
      That is a legacy that is clear as former students and staff relate their stories and love for him on fb. A man that practiced everyday his belief in Christ.  His focus was others.  Indeed Tom left a wonderful legacy to his three daughters.  He taught them love by loving them.  He taught them how to focus on a goal through his coaching as a Dad and an athletic coach. His example of Christ  will live on in their hearts a lifetime.
Maybe we can all learn from Tom’s example.  Life is short and we need to start now loving, giving, and serving.  It was not his eight short months of illness that pushed him into living life to its fullest.  Then, it is too late , our work is almost done.  The living must happen each day of our lives.  Each day we make the day a little better for others, we are practicing life as it was intended by our Creator. Tom sacrificed himself daily as a gift to humanity.
  My heart hurts for his wife, Leslie.  I cannot imagine the loss she must be feeling.  However, Tom’s Christian commitment assures her she will see him again in eternity. In the midst of the family’s grieving, Tom has given them this peace.  The peace of eternity together.  May we all live our lives so fully that we love unconditionally as Tom Divine.  He could always find something about a student that he liked.  May we all live life so focused that we serve from the generosity in our heart.  Tom has been a teacher for us all to live life now, to love those around us, to be an encourager and a life coach.  Thank you, Tom Divine for your example of godly living.


  1. sounds like he modeled himself after his name. what a wonderful gift to leave!

  2. Great blog post Mrs. Baron! I find myself using the things Tom taught me nearly daily as i have been active in coaching most of my adult life. He was a great man and is leaving a wonderful legacy.

    Thanks again for your wonderful post.