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Friday, September 6, 2013

Stop and start again!

Starting my manuscript in 2011.

A writer friend, Patti Digh, posted that her child said from the back seat, “Stop struggling and get it done.”  I decided this statement would be the renewal ticket to my blog.

I have been struggling with how to make time again for my blog.  I loved writing it and hearing from you.  It was a worthwhile action. I loved it.  So, why did I STOP? 

I’ve been writing, rewriting, editing, soliciting readers to read my manuscript, and I am still not finished with my book.  It is getting better but the process has exhausted me.  Not the writing, I enjoyed recalling the memories of my first classroom in the inner city of New Orleans. I basked in the writing zone for the last two years. It is the editing that makes me crazy. Next hurdle, how will I get it published?

First, it is humbling for an English teacher of thirty-three years to make so many manuscript errors.  One of my key problems is spacing and managing Word.  I should have taken typing.  I should have taken a class on how to use Word.  I didn’t.  I always think I can figure it out.  Well, I should have taken time to take those classes.

Secondly, everyone that reads my story gives me affirmation and advice.  For example, son Adam said to cut out parts about Denny and me because the story was to focus on the challenge of integrating schools in 1967 for a first year teacher.  That was great advice.  So, I did that.  Next reader, my sweet daughter-in-law, Christine, who is a voracious reader said, “ I need to see more of you and see what you look like.”  She was right.  I had not described me, the main character, because it was in three of the chapters Adam and Holly suggested to cut.  Holly Miller, my established author and editor friend, had given similar advice as Adam and suggested I start at the most exciting point.  So, I did, but those cut chapters were about Denny and me.  All of this wisdom was right and needed.  However, now I am rewriting the beginning and adding more about me.  Another writer friend, Diane Drake, suggested I put in more inner conflict.  That is what I am dong in my edits now. 
I wanted you to know that I have inner conflict about not keeping up my blog.  So, I am going “ to stop struggling and get it done.”  Yep, every Friday you can expect a post from me.  Please comment and push “follow” to help me build some reader members.  In order for a publisher to even want to read my manuscript, they need to see I have followers.  Thank you for those who have followed me.  It’s going to happen.  Thanks for reading every Friday. 
Now, I have made a commitment, I will get it done.


  1. Sandi, I am so glad to see that you're back! And Tess is right--we just have to stop struggling and get it done. I restarted my blog, then encountered trouble with Blogger letting me post in Explorer--and I let that stop me again. Now, I see it is time to just start again! Looking forward to reading more from you. And to seeing your book in print!

  2. Hi, Linda, thanks for replying. I know it is those technical bumps that send we writers of the old century in a whirl. I just keep seeking help from the thirty year olds. Looking forward to your post. Have a blessed day.

  3. I was just eating some really great neighborhood Chinese food and thinking mom would love this, and then bam - a new blog post. Welcome back.

  4. Thanks, Ad. I think I can keep editing....slow and sure. Thanks for reading. Looking forward to October.

  5. I have wondered about when I'd hear about your book being published. I had heard about edits and rewrites and more rewrites from authors when attending Young Authors years ago. I wish you clear sightedness for sifting and polishing your sentences and paragraphs, etc. of your book.
    Nice to hear from you again.