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Friday, October 18, 2013

Learning from a child.

Memories of the heart and lessons learned from a four and seven year old.

            For the last two weeks, we have been keeping our granddaughters, so Christine and John could enjoy a long deserved vacation alone in Italy.
            Meanwhile, I have had to resurrect my parental skills of bedtime rituals, packing lunches, and playing every available second of the day.  Sometimes my play is Uno, Barbie doing pretend ballet recitals, or creating art and doing craft projects. On sunny days, it is helping girls climb trees and walking in the park.  Every moment is utilized for fun if at all possible.  The day must stop for meals but other than that the girls have reminded me of the importance of play in life.
         I must admit I have a childlike spirit and enjoy play too.  My play usually is writing, painting, reading, or meditating.. Theirs is constant and changing. Diversity is important to their day. So, as I write this I am short of time but long in thoughts.  I am making a list of  a few of the  things these two gals have taught me in two weeks. 
          1. Do it now. " Mimi, let’s not wait one more minute."
         2." Can we have one more fairy story?" Creating a tale everyday keeps my mind writing and creating.
         3. “Well, let’s eat. You know Ava and I like different things.”
         4."Girls, settle down. Stop giggling and go to sleep." Older child says, " You giggle, Mimi."  Giggling is good for all of us.
         5. When everyone playing Uno gets beat by a four year old three times in a row, it is humbling. Little people need victories too.
         6. Ellie says, “I don’t brush my hair.  Curls don’t need brushed you know.” Appreciate the pluses of yourself.
         7. " Mimi, run, run, run fast as you can. Try to catch me."  Why walk when you can run to your next activity?
         8.” Stay focused, Mimi, stay with us when we are looking at these toys.”
         9. Art should be free spirited, fun, and your own interpretation. “Mimi, didn’t you know using all these colors feels good?”
        10.  “Mimi, put the remote back where it belongs and we all can find it.”
They have taught me so much more and blessed me beyond measure.  They have made a lasting heart memory and reminded me of daily steps needed in my journey. Life is good when you allow a child to lead you.


  1. What a blessing, Sandi! Thanks for sharing about these two cherubs.

  2. Thanks for reading, Norma. They truly are my blessings. They make me tired but it is a good tired.