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Monday, July 7, 2014

When Shadows Fall

Shadows in Our Lives

            This past week I have had two dear friends receive bad health reports for their grand children.  I have two other friends that have had to readjust their lives because of children or grandchildren moving to another state.  As I prayed for these friends, I could feel the shadow over their lives.  Things appeared more gray than light. Life seemed harder instead of normal.  My heart hurt for them so I asked God to lift these shadows from them, give them hope, understanding, and His wisdom. 
            As I prayed I learned a new truth.  If there is a shadow, there must be light.  His light would prevail through all these hardships.  His faithfulness would endure all the crises, sickness, and loneliness.  He would be their help by giving them the light of hope that would dispel the shadow.
            That is why I love to pray and talk to God about others.  I learn new truths and see things from His eyes.  His purpose isn’t always clear to them or me, but His light and acceptance is.  He is there.
            I think how I hold up these petitions to Him and His hands are extended to take them.  I visualize His hands enfolding the request and wrapping His fingers tightly around them.  I see His hands extended to my friends in need.  I know He cares and will send the Holy Spirit to implement those petitions.  He cares for all of His children.
            Then, I wonder how many times His hands have been extended to receive prayers, and I offered none.  I didn’t take time to petition, to give thanksgiving, to ask forgiveness, to give messages of adoration.  How many times did I leave those extended hands empty?  I ask forgiveness this day for all those times I have not put something into the hands of Christ

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