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Friday, February 20, 2015

Kite prayers

Kite flying

Thinking About Prayer

I know many of us spend time in prayer. We sometimes offer up hurried prayers when we are off and running. Other times we linger over our prayer journals writing each request neatly on the blank page.  Other days, we seem to live in prayer. We pray when washing dishes, driving the kids, cleaning the house, and when gardening. Then there are those kite day prayers.

What are kite day prayers you say? Well, those are the days we linger with the Lord just holding onto a ray of light to the throne room. A thought occurs and a prayer concurs. Another wind thrusts our vision upwards, and we offer a request so big that we know only God could answer such a dire need. We just hold onto the sunbeam in our minds and thoughts and prayers create the weights on the tale of the kite.  The weights are ours and the wind gusts are His. He thrusts forward our words, thoughts, and prayers. 

I love kite prayers because I lose control. My words aren’t fancy or contrived or familiar repetitions. Instead, they freely are released unto the kingdom. He is in charge, and I am making the request, the offerings, and the affirmations of love.  It is free time and indulgence with the Holy Spirit. 

Just as when we fly kites in the spring, there is a refreshing and excitement in this type of praying. It takes time, silence, focus, and an unseen power. The power of prayer comes forth.  Today is a kite prayer day.  How about you?  Interested in flying heavenly kites?

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