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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Whispers of the Heart      

            Proverbs 11:25, "Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered."(ESV)

            I like the ending, which reiterates he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.   I desire to maintain this focus during the holiday season.  It is so easy to get folded up into my agendas, my lists , and even my expectations.  Suddenly, a day creeps in that I am unaware or unable to meet a friend’s expectation of me. At another time, husband, sons, or others don’t meet my expectations of them.  I am setting myself up for failure, discord, or disappointment.  So, how have I learned to live life differently?
            I listen to the whispers in my heart.  For example, I notice the lady in front of me at the check out is tediously counting every penny trying to come up with enough grocery money.  I feel a slight nudging, a soft tap on my shoulder, “Yes, you,” I hear softly. “Do it now, pay her bill and wish her Merry Christmas.”  Sometimes it is not a voice but a knowing that this is what I should do.  The woman ahead looks so surprised when I tell the clerk, “ I’d like to pay for hers and mine.” The lady looks at me with a puzzled expression.  “It’s OK, God wants to bless you.” She tucks her head, smiles softly, and says, “ Thank you, my dear.”  Her thank you is as gentle as the nudge.  I am refreshed.
As I walk outside the door, the Salvation Army bell ringer is standing in the cold.  She is very heavy and her coat does not close. She looks to be at least sixty-five, but her greeting is gleeful with this message,   “ Merry Christmas.  May your holidays be blessed. ” 
            “But, Lord, I just paid the lady’s’ bill, you want me to put money in this bucket too?”  I look again at the bell ringer’s happy spirit despite the cold, and it is the nudging I need.  I reach in my billfold and give her all I have left.  It seems I hear the whispers clearer during this holy season.  Perhaps it is the cold air, the people’s smiles, or the twinkling lights that help me focus.  Whatever it is, I know these are God whispers to guide my path of love and giving, and my returned gift is a refreshing.  I don’t do it for the return, but God loves us so much, He makes our cups overflow with joy.

            The whispers are soft, the nudging is gentle, and the vessels that help me focus are often impoverished or have sad doleful eyes.  He makes our paths cross to help us enter into His holy ways.  Christmas truly is a divine time of year. Embrace the whispers and feel the blessings.  I am reminded of Mathew 25:40, “Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me---you did it to me.” (The Message)

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