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Thursday, April 28, 2016



We have all become aware of the importance of boundaries in our lives.  In the beginning, God made it clear there were land boundaries that marked tribal territories.  In the book of Job, we learned of the borderland that God created to hold in the seas and between light and darkness.  In Psalms, David claimed: “the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places, surely I have a delightful inheritance.”

God’s boundaries written in His commandments and living word provide protection and blessings for me.  As a youth, I did not realize this.  In my rebellion , I would drive too fast, stayed out late, and frequented unsafe areas.  This entire boundary breaking put me in danger.  I was inconvincible.  When I crossed those limits, I suffered consequences,;some of those trespasses resulted in lessons and scars for a lifetime.

Our granddaughters have a little neighborhood gang and decided they needed to create their own rules, so they could get along.  They designed a banner long enough to scroll from the ceiling to the baseboard. The title of their gang is “Life Learners”.  Also on the banner, they each wrote a goal, a boundary, or their truth.  Their ages range from a 5-years-old to my oldest granddaughter, Ava, who is 10.  Ava, always playing teacher, created an agenda notebook where each child’s name was written followed by three areas that needed improvement.  If they achieved two of the three objectives in a week, she rewarded them with a star or a stuffed toy from her abundant stockpile. (I’m wondering if I make a banner, if my boyfriend, my roommate of 49 years, will buy into this idea.)

Here are some snapshots of the gang’s banner and their mottos and even a poem, which depicts their understanding.  I was touched when Ava and Ellis took me upstairs and showed me their project.  This old blogger, who has written life lessons for six years, was moved to tears.  Ava asked, “Why are you crying?  Ellis asked, “Do you think it will work, Mimi?  My answer, “You are much wiser than your years.  I am very proud and so in love with you and your project.”

They have realized early in their lives the importance of boundaries.  Will they be broken? Of course, but they are trying at a young age to give honor to each other’s space and place. This simple neighborhood project has assured me our future generation is warming their hands and hearts on life’s long ladder.

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