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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Today I saw God.

Today I saw God

     As I watch my hummer family flit from flower to flower gathering nectar and nourishment, I see God.  They are created in a delicate way and engineered so strong and mighty.  God gave them endurance as their key character trait.  I need to learn from them and exemplify this endurance every day in my life.
     I look out my window at my newly planted Monet garden and see God.  One rose is delicate lavender and another rose bush is butter yellow.  The daisies are lemon colored with large blossoms.  Happy violas of lavender and yellow border the half-moon garden placed in front of two giant hydrangea bushes, which are ready to burst forth their triangular shaped pearl blossoms.  Swaying in the breeze are mauve pincushion flowers sharing lacy blossoms in their new abode. The pastel harmony of God’s wonderful colors and hues help me understand His peaceful purpose in my life.
     The birds sitting on a cedar tree limb sing their morning praises.  I hear You, Lord, in their chirps and tweeted phrases.  I am reminded how you care for each one of them and me each day.
     Sweet fragrances of lemon verbena and lantana waft past me and I smell God. Those same sweet fragrances that I smell when I praise Him and feel the lingering of His presence are in my newly planted garden.
    In all that surrounded me, I saw God.  Once again his creation has touched me.

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