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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

“Oh, mama, these are the best hush puppies and fried fish,” my daddy stated while looking at our family sitting together for Saturday dinner. My sister and I were so accustomed to my mama’s wonderful cooking that sometimes we forgot to thank her. Daddy helped us remember by his favorable comments.

“This is my favorite dinner,” my sister echoed. Just then, Daddy leaped up and ran to the window. “Ladies of dining, I see a rainbow.” This statement had us all on our feet. Mama grabbed her purse, and we slid into the old sedan.

We were off to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow.Our eyes were peeled to each window. We giggled and chanted, “Our treasure is near; our treasure is near.” Suddenly, Daddy announced we were in Daytona. We hurried out of the car and ran down the beach seeking the end of that glorious rainbow. It is where dancing sand and sunshine blended into a memory profound. This spontaneous action happened many times in my childhood. We cherished rainbow times. After such a chase, we would drive home and Daddy would explain he had found his treasure, time with his three favorite girls. It is such a warm memory, so I have continued to chase rainbows to this day. In a way, Daddy fashioned my days to come.

When I see a rainbow, I yell, “Come quickly; look, look, God’s promise is near.” My boys would always help me look and speculate where the end might be. Even the neighbors were beckoned in my excitement to see a rainbow. There is just something magical, divine, and soul stirring about seeing this miracle of the heavens.

Now, I have seen mighty rainbows over the mountains of Colorado that have brought me tears of gratitude. I have seen misty rainbows sitting on top of the waves of the seas. I recollect a rainbow while standing on the Cliffs of Mohr that brought me to my knees. It is God’s painting and majesty at His best where ever I go. On cold, wintry days I must conjure in my mind that wondrous sight nestled in the sky.

As I think on rainbows, I am reminded that this is a promise from God. It is His hands upon the helm. It is His breath in the sails that direct my journey. I anticipate finding my greatest treasure each day with Him.

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