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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hand to Hand

After the Retreat
As my readers know, I spent Saturday at a retreat. Monique led us in very worshipful stretches. Some folks are critical because we incorporate these yoga positions into our creative/spiritual retreat. We are very aware that Yoga is an Eastern religious practice. We do not participate in our stretches in that way.

Instead, we use the quiet reposes to focus on Jesus. We say scriptures in our minds. For example, after several cleaning breaths and sighs, she may say to us, “Be still and know that I am Lord. Ask God what He has for you today.” It is very centering. We clear our minds of bills, children’s demands, husband’s job losses,and anxieties of the day. We just “be” and breathe and seek God. It is wonderful. I could physically see the participants begin to relax as we continued these exercises. Some were new to stretching and holding, but all tried at their level.

Next, I shared with them what the Lord had revealed to me in my morning worship. They listened attentively and agreed we were pushed, shaped, and directed by our technology of today. I asked them to take a more ancient path. I said,” Today we are going to follow the cadence of nature. We will be quiet as the falling snow, and at times birth new understanding that comes as a spring blossom through all the ‘yuck’ we have stored within. “

Next we built our journals. I was so touched by the ladies willingness to reach within and find pictures and scriptures that really represented them instead of how society had labeled them. These were strangers coming together sharing intimately. They laughed and played like children with their stamps and colored markers. Monique and I were right in there with them. We felt the freedom to play, to take time to ponder, to just feel something.

As the ladies shared a few of their journal entries, I was so humbled at how transparent and truthful they were. They felt safe. Sharing laughter and tears, we became the body of Christ. We genuinely cared for each other. We were strangers just five hours ago and now were friends sharing hurts and holding invisible hands. It touches my soul to lead these retreats. I love that we stop our busyness and just hold onto the quiet of the day.

Afterwards and even now, I still hear the participant’s voices. God urges me to pray for these individuals. Perhaps that is why He has called me to present the gospel in this way. Through these retreats, I see evidence of how God has worked in so many lives. I hear testimonies of His provisions. I encourage and acknowledge their creative being. Together, we receive direction from the Holy Spirit. It is a magnificent time. I am grateful that He has given Monique and I this opportunity.


  1. I wasn't present at this retreat, but I know how the previous retreat opened a new pathway in both my mind and heart. God bless both you and Monique. You are doing God's work so don't fret about those who see yoga as something sinister. Gratefully, Norma

  2. I love this image of invisible hands. It resonates wonderfully in my heart!