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Thursday, August 23, 2012

New walks and blessings

It has been a long time since I have written my blog.  In these six weeks so many things have changed.  Denny and I have a new address, new phone number, and a house that holds our possessions in new ways.  I do know where I keep the coffee cups, plates, and silverware.  Beyond that, I still have to open cupboard doors and check.
Our sitting spots are different; our windows hold a view of recently planted flowers and bushes contrasted against old oak and maple trees.  Our televisions are housed on the walls now, and every time I turn one on, I think of Fahrenheit 459, where the walls constantly disrupted the characters thoughts, so they could have no complete or creative contemplation.  However, Denny is loving watching the Colts on his new fancy smart television.
Dobie Gillis and I have different adventures on each walk.  We have explored tree-lined streets and looked in lighted windows and talked to different people.  Everything is different, but yet the same.
The neighbors are so friendly and take time to speak and wave at us as we are working in the yard.  They pop in for porch visits and bring their dog to meet Dobie.  The neighborhood is quiet and serene.  As Dobie and I walk to Foster Park in the mornings, I am caught up in the hymns playing on the cathedral bells. As I stroll on the bike path, I hear others singing those familiar songs repeated through the ages. 
I pass Asians, African American, Burmese, Hispanics and Caucasians on my walk.  I love the diversity here.  I hear many languages as Dobie finds different squirrel trails each day.  The hearts and spirits are the same, but their language and skin color remind me how wonderfully God has designed each of His children.       

Everyday our favorite visitors come bounding through the door with smiles and giggles.  Their hugs and tugs remind me why I am here.  We work on our fairy garden, which is now a hodge podge of little twig houses and rocks that the girls think the fairies need.  They talk of how the fairies will arrive and be welcomed by their feathered house and pretty rocks.  We swing on the glider and eat ice cream bars and talk of the first grade and the children.  Little Ellis chimes in that she is a big girl too and in preschool.  Life is good, different, and meaningful.

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