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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Changes within and without.

As you know, we have experienced so many changes and new opportunities in Fort Wayne.  Sometimes when I awaken, I get up and just look out  my window in unbelief.  The newly planted hydrangeas are in full bloom.  A visiting hummingbird is outside my window hovering over a hanging basket of pink geraniums.  My cement guardian angel sits in the middle of my shadow garden just as she did in Muncie.  She brings peace to my soul as she did there.  I enjoy my backyard stuffed with  hostas, coral bells, and pink astilbes  tucked under the cedars. A gray and white glider sits in the shade of two giant burning bushes beginning to glow.  I enjoy the girls’ fairy garden embellished with their special rocks and shells they have added. Just looking at the fairies riding a frog and a snail remind me of the girls' cherub like resemblance.  Hybrid lilies and recently planted perennials begin their new life with me.
I awaken early here.  It is quiet and I ponder and pray.  I ask God to stay close and hold Denny in his arms.  I pray for a supernatural favor and healing.  I look at Denny with new eyes.  I feel a hard knot in my stomach and wonder if our future will even be more different than our new home, new church, new neighbors, and new friends. 
This summer has been constant changes of patterns, people, roads, groceries, doctors, homes, and walking paths.  However, I am walking this journey with Denny.  We are happy finding our way around new streets, restaurants, theaters, and shops.  With Denny's  recent diagnosis of a tumor and infection, I wonder, what would I do without him?  How would I find my way across this big city alone?  It creates a deeper need to cling to Jesus.  I am trying to gain insights to His plan; His message in all this change.   
 We sold our house in a day, bought another near our son and daughter-in-law and granddaughters in two days.  We purged, packed, and moved from our home of 45 years in 47 days.  He gave us energy and direction in all of these steps.  I know He is with us here and now.  I am learning to just live today.  I thought I knew how to do that, but now I just embrace each day intentionally. Some mornings, life seems surreal; yet, I am sure God is here. 
My walks in Foster Park bring such pleasure as I pass people of different nationalities and hear the bells playing familiar hymns.  I marvel at God’s beauty as giant trees shade me.  I walk through a path of yellow, white, purple luscious flowers and become one with them.  The path follows a river that glides through the forest nurturing and watering the vegetation.  Ducks and birds of every kind fly above.  Rays of sunshine and soft breezes remind me, “God loves me and all is well with my soul.” Selah

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