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Friday, February 8, 2013

A Praise To Our Creator


A Praise to our Creator 

            The sea has a life of its own.  I can hear the waves hitting the sand one block away.  Its force announces its power.  In the night, it sounds like a growling animal hidden beneath the stars and darkness. 
            Early morning red sun creates pink and golden light patterns in the gentle waves.  Now, the sounds are soft and melodious.  Early fisherman and pelicans seek the first fruits of the morning, the first whites, snappers, and red fish.  Small little shore birds dive for baby crabs and other little creatures that call the ocean, home.
The loud screaming sun is a magnet to the sea.  Warming waters call swimmers to move from the shore to the water.  Walkers venture into ankle deep waves to enhance their walk on the seashore.  The ocean becomes a playground to children, adults, and fisherman.   This magnificent body of water is an endless pool of adventure.
Evening sun sets dramatically on the horizon.  The liquid sun bounces along where sky meets sea.  The audience is ding into the sea.  As it sizzles down into the water, applauds and the blowing of conch shells used as horns can be heard all down the shoreline. 
Porpoises play.  Sharks skim.  Pelicans dive.  It is their home, their sanctuary, and their shelter.   The majestic ocean is a reflection of its Creator with unknown depths, meaningful happenings, beauty beyond comprehension,  a constant truth, and a known presence.  I am in awe of our Creator.          

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