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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Losing my focus

Losing my focus

My mind is constantly tricked by the sun into thinking I am on vacation.  Since we live in Florida for three months, this is not true.  We live here , and I need to be productive I tell  myself.
    I pretend I will go to the beach and plot my novel , check the pace, or rework a character .  I dig my toes into the warm sand trying to create brainpower.  Strange, the opposite happens.  The grains of sand between my toes bring back memories of the past.  I remember when my parents ,sister, and I went to Daytona Beach every Sunday after church.  I remember the first time Den and I walked hand in hand on the wet sand and looked into each other’s eyes with love and adoration.  I think on the first time that we brought our sons to the sea.  I loved their squeals of glee and fascination with the shells and waves.  How many sandcastles have I built through the years?
I marvel as the waves wash beautiful shell treasures to shore.  I have carried shells home for over sixty-five years.  As a child, I would beg to take just one more home.  As a teen, I stuffed as many as possible in my suitcase on spring break visits.  Being a young mom encouraged my collection, because the boys brought to me their found jewels of the sea. We carried each one home to display and keep forever.  Now, as a grandmother, I find shells that I am sure our granddaughters will need for their collections I have begun for them.  I consider  and plan how many more shells I can display in my small home.  Shells are like ice cream; there is always room for more.
Once again the beautiful teal waters glittering like diamonds have stolen my focus from writing.  I am daily deceived in my three months in Florida that the sea will nurture my creativity.  Instead, it relaxes me. It resurrects precious memories.  It restores my soul and awe of God’s majesty.  How does anyone ever become immune to the lulling sounds of the sea?  If I lived here year round, could I learn to focus?  Excuse me; I only have a few days  left to meditate on the wonders of the sea.  I must go now. 


  1. It seems that sand and water are good medicine for your spirit so why fight it? I love when you share like this. Love you!

    1. Thanks, Norma. I keep plugging away on my blog. Often I think I should change things up, but basically try to post most Thurs. about my week's discovery. I appreciate that you still read me and take time to comment.