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Tuesday, April 29, 2014



I am late on my blog, but I am having transition problems.  Yep, leaving the three-month beach life and coming back to reality is tough.  I’m not seeking compassion because all you who endured this winter are saying, “ Yea, you don’t know tough until you have endured the winter of 2014.”  I understand.  I understand. 
Instead I am trying to read my life.  I read an article on looking at the things you choose to do and the price you pay for those choices.  I read my life as beautiful.  I am so grateful God has given Denny and I so many opportunities.  Sometimes it was making our dollars stretch to the end of the month, others led my agnostic husband into a deep belief in Jesus, other times we joined our faith for a miraculous physical healing for John and an emotional healing for Adam.  Those were hard times but because we had become equally yoked, we stood together resurrecting that same spirit within us that raised Christ from the dead.  We didn’t choose for these hardships, but we chose how we reacted.  We chose faith in Jesus.  He paid the price so we could make this choice.
I know in my life I need time for prayer, solitude, and peace. These are the things that renew my soul and spirit.  I know I need this fix me time, so I don’t neglect these things.  When life gets too busy to be peaceful, I know I am paying the price for a choice of over commitment.
I read in my life a need to create and teach.  My little granddaughters are taught moral lessons each piece of art we make.  This week we had kindness competition.  We made a sign for their rooms.  I asked each sister to explain what she liked best about her sibling.  I wrote Ellis’s on her poster.  Ava wrote her own as Ellis and I told her what we liked about her.  Ellis said we forgot one thing.  She was happy, so she added her happy face on her poster.  I loved that she chose to see herself as happy and her sister gave warm cuddles to her at night when it was difficult to fall asleep.  Ahhh, we all need a good cuddles and hugs in our lives.
I am going to continue to read my choices.  Being mindful that my wise choices brings new truths, and my poor choices bring errors and failure lessons that create in me better discernment.  Be ready for my choice making blogs.

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  1. I read in this the woman I admire and have admired for such a long time. Take care, dear lady.