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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Project 137

Project 137

I am involved in Patti Digh’s Project 137. Patti has published six books on living well and reaching out to others. The course gives us opportunities to not only evaluate how we are doing at showing others love, but challenges on how to share our words and gifts with others. Another lesson of the day includes living fully. Assignments include everything from taking time to meditate to organizing two drawers and finding good stuff to donate to others. The third lesson to practice every day is how to let go deeply. In other words, remembering the significance of my day and accepting that the imperfections of today are perfect for today. We were instructed to put 137 objects into a pretty container and transfer one a day into another container. I chose seashells, of course, and treasure looking at them each day. As I place the day’s shell into the glass cylinder, I thank God for this precious day and put it behind me. I put another shell by the container and all day this visual reminds me to cherish today and live and love today to the best of my abilities. 
I’m enjoying the class immensely and am impressed with so many talented and wise participants. There are no rules, but it is encouraging to respond to some of the post of how others lived well or needs a little help on an obstacle or issue in their life. No problem if someone falls behind on their lessons, they still transfer the object at the end of the day. There is no chastisement or guilt involved. Our class is over in 125 days, which will be New Year’s Eve. It is sobering to watch how quickly the shells accumulate in the now almost empty vessel. The numbering of each day makes me appreciate my life, moment by moment.
Because of the suggested assignments, I feel like I accomplish something good for my soul and have encouraged someone else each day.  I love an assignment of clearing clutter and giving to others. The best part is that almost $2000 dollars has been collected by Patti from our enrollment. The fee is a donation to the 137 fund, which will bless different ladies who have unexpected financial needs. The amount of the fee is the participant’s decision. So, the next time Patti offers Project 137, you might want to get involved.  I promise Patti doesn’t know I am writing this. I was inspired and wanted to share this privilege to anyone interested.

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  1. thank you for sharing about Project 137.
    I pray for you, Denny and your family every day, but I will add this special intent. Pain like you described led to the discovery of my pancreas being infected. At that time (2004) in additon to the infection being taken out, my gall bladder and appendix were removed.