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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Too slow my heart has been in learning how to live.

Too slow my heart has been.

Learning how to live

            Today I have learned to model my life after the nature God created. I will strive to stand tall like the oak tree. I will gladly give shade to those who are hot and sweaty from life’s hard work. I will hold fast during the storms of life. My roots are deeply grounded in the gospel, and that is why I can stand using the Creator’s strength, not mine. 

Today I will be serene like the mountains.  I will learn from them the importance of staying still and listening to that small voice. I will not be like the busy highway below the mountains that is cluttered with trash, cans, garbage, and fast paced vehicles. Instead, I will be those Smokey Mountains in the distance speaking peace.
Today I will mimic the free spirit of the light-hearted birds that eat from my feeders. I will drop in for bits of food and fly out to discover new branches to rest upon and watch the world. I will hide in these branches from the winds of the storm, and start the morning with sweet songs of praise and glory.
Today I consider the lilies along the roadside. Their beauty and brightness softens each landscape. As I walk beside them, I learn from them not to worry of a tomorrow that might never bring some direful, long anticipated thing. Instead, I will sway in the warm breeze and feel it upon my petals. Today I rejoice for how wonderfully I am created by the Master.
Today I will extend the loved odor of the lilac bush. I will refresh those who come into my path by my love extended unconditionally. Free kindness is what the lilac spreads by its pleasant fragrance. Me too, I want to have the sweet scent of the Savior and extend free kindness to strangers, friends, and family. 
It has taken a long time for me to gather these simple lessons that my Master teaches through His magnificent creations. Ah, too slow has been my heart in learning how to live. Dear Father, please forgive.

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