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Thursday, August 13, 2015

New Chapter of Life

When New Chapters Begin

When children return to school, learn a new teacher’s style, and greet old friends but make fresh relationships, a new chapter begins.  They are innocent of how this chapter will impact their lives.  Some will love their teacher so much that she/he will become a role model.  A new friend may bring a life changing truth via a faithful friendship.  The art teacher may strike a chord within the child that turns her life into a creative challenge.  Impacted.  Directed.  Focused.  That should be the title of these back to school chapters.

As the seasons change, we begin to have new expectations.  Perhaps that is why we love each of the four seasons. They bring new opportunities for love, inspiration, understanding, friendships, travel, and experiences.  I cherish new seasons in my life. Yesterday, I reconnected with a Muncie friend, who had moved to California two years ago.  Now, she lives eight minutes from me.  We had a delightful afternoon together.  I showed her some of my favorite salad spots, my chosen consignment boutiques, and natural food stores.  We sat on Starbuck’s patio and shared what had happened in the last two years.  She had lost two hundred pounds in those two years.  She did it by diet and exercise. I call her amazing! She looks gorgeous, feels energetic, and has discovered new truths and understandings in her life.  We are both writers so see the universe with a creative focus and decorated with magical word choices. We have begun a new chapter of friendship.

I never tire of new experiences and changes.  They create life within me.  I begin reading a new novel because I know I am going to see a different perspective when I finish it.  I start a new painting because I paint intuitively, and I will find a new understanding in the creative process. When I write a blog, many times I have no clue what I will write.  I begin and an idea emerges.  Is it a new chapter for you or me?  I hope it pricks your heart or soul and send sparks enough to launch a beautiful day. Happy chapter making!

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  1. I love new beginnings!! Beautifully written! 😆