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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The B-I-B-L-E , that's the book for me.

Why Do I Continue To Read the Bible?

When I was a child, I loved to hear the stories of David and how he defeated Goliath, and how Joseph’s beautiful colored cloak was taken from him but replaced by the King’s favor and became governor of Egypt. I never tired of reading about the birth of Jesus, nor drawing the three hills with crosses that represented Jesus being crucified with two sinners on each side of Him.  Each of these stories taught me love and trust in my heavenly Father, but also how to act and react in time of hardships.

As I grew older, I was attracted to the Bible for the same reason.  I take the teachings of Jesus, Paul, David, and King Solomon as advice of how to walk this land.  Sometimes in the dessert, I must pray earnestly as Jesus did.  When wondering how to live life, I read and trust the Proverbs of Solomon.  David gives me courage, Joseph teaches me how to endure injustice, and Jesus teaches me unconditional love.  Without these teachers and friends, I might rely on my own thoughts or actions.  Many times my thoughts and choices have failed me. Then, I would return to the Bible and follow its plan and advice and be successful and gain understanding.

The Bible is a nutrient for my soul.  It enriches me, encourages me, and gives me stability.  I may not understand all of St. Paul’s admonitions or desire his sufferings, but I do acknowledge the truths he learned through his trials.  The Bible is a bit like a scrapbook of all my friends and how they handled adversity, life choices, and blessings.  I learn from them and can model after their choices.  I can see Jesus climbing Calvary for me.  My heart sorrows that the brothers of Joseph were so jealous of him that they left him in a pit to die.  My mind explodes with gratitude when I hear the prayers of Jesus at Gethsemane and on the Cross. I hunger for the new truth found each morning in the book I have cherished since childhood.  The Bible is my rock and my foundation.  Without it, I would be so lost.

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