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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Difficulties Nurse Understanding

Pilot Light

From birth, each of us begins life with a spiritual pilot light in place. Sometimes it may dim, but it is always there.  Recently, an object lesson of life reinforced that to me.
“Husband, there is no hot water to wash dishes, my hair, or to bathe!”
 Denny checked the pilot light, and it seemed to be out.  He followed the directions on the hot water tank to reboot the pilot light, but to no avail.  We still had cold water.  So, he called the plumber for a next day appointment. We dreaded how much this would cost us.  We went the entire day without cleaning anything.  
Then, late in the evening, Denny was at the kitchen sink rinsing a dish and said, “Hey, we have hot water.”  Yep, the gizmo had reset itself, the pilot was on, and the water was hot again.  We wondered how long we had hot water.
This reminded me of the many times I thought my pilot was too dim to have sufficient faith to expect a miracle.  Sometimes I thought it was off when I could not write an inspirational blog.  Once, I even thought it went out when I lost a dear friend, Nancy Hoopingarner, who many others and I had prayed for believing a healing from cancer.  Instead, Nancy died rocking our faith and temporarily extinguishing our pilot light.   Who do you call for a reboot to your spirit?          

            Sometimes we suffer in a state of hurt and despair creating more seeds of destruction.  We operate on the premise that our circumstances can’t be fixed. We stay in that cold place a long time shivering with no hope or understanding.  We sink so low that we finally look up and ask our heavenly Father to help us.  When we do surrender, we discover warmth, a peace, and an understanding.  Were our pilot lights always lit but went dim because of what we were telling ourselves?  Were we operating on disfigured truth because of the circumstances?  How long do we stay facing the wall, when all along the eternal light within is ready to convert our worldly thinking into spiritual understanding?  My goal is to search my inner light and buried truth sooner and remember I have the constant warmth of the Spirit.

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