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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Finding Joy

You are the joy in my soul

     I love Rend’s  collection of words to his songs.  They bring soul to my heart because I feel the divine in them.  So, today’s blog I am sharing where I am seeking joy all this New Year.
     Although I am broken, not nearly perfect, and in need of my Savior daily, I am open to coming into His arms each morning.  Through his love, I feel a new lift, an igniting of His light into me.  This is joy indescribable. 
     Sometimes I feel like heaven is only one inch away.  I can’t imagine the glory of the golden streets, but I believe it.  I can’t understand a life in eternity, but I believe it.  I don’t comprehend everything in the Bible, but I believe it.  I don’t’ know when Jesus will return, but I believe it.  That brings me joy. 
     This New Year I ask that God creates in me a clean heart.  I am in hope that He transforms a miracle in me, a work of art molded by His hand.  The anticipation of this brings me great joy because I know He isn’t finished with me yet.
     May your New Year be filled with God’s joy.

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