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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Just a Little Each Day

            Today I decided to share one of my philosophies of life.  Do a little each day.  It is amazing how journaling becomes a habit, even an obsession when I write a little each day.  Sometimes it is a simple line drawing with a label.  Other times, it is brainstorming from a picture drawn.  Another day, I have a scary dream so I write it down to break apart the fear and face it.  If the granddaughters have cute stories or funny sayings, I record that too.
            Some days are beautiful enlightened days where I write five pages of what I learned from scripture, sitting quietly before the Lord, or recording my new epiphany about life.  I love this new truth so much that I expand and expand to understand it more clearly. 
            Journaling is writing a to-do list: what to pack, who to call, or other procedural tasks.  I enjoy looking at this list in older journals.  I was one busy lady in the journals when I was teaching, toting teens to activities, entertaining, and creating. Those lists amaze me.  Did I really do all that?
            By writing or drawing something each day I have chronicled my life for many years.  Some of my favorite journals record scriptures that suddenly had new meaning.  I often write prayers for others, our country, or myself.  That’s it.  Write a prayer.
            When I first started, I realized how freeing a creative list could be, even therapeutic.  For example, I might write the word happy and follow it with a list of things that surround me with happiness.  Gratitude prevails when I make a list of favorite relatives that influenced me to write, paint, or love God.  Other lists include things I want to try, best books I read this year, most difficult things I’ve ever done list, etc.  Lists bring immediate gratification.  For example, make a list of all the places that you want to visit and why.  Put a star by the one you can do this year.  Suddenly, the list turns into life patterns and goals.
            What if you miss a day?  No big deal.  All the days that you do record will reflect your attitudes, life patterns, history, and so much more.  Try it.  Purchase a blank page journal and write a favorite quote.  That will get you started.    
For me, journaling records my life and growth.  I love making little boxes in front of my  “ to organize” list and checking them off when the task is completed.  Sometimes I record the date beside it.  You don’t have to complete your list that day.  It is written in your journal. Remember, it is a work in progress.  Somehow making the list feels like an accomplishment. 
            A little each day has grown into a reflection of my feelings, attitudes, grieving, favorite vacations, and the character traits  I love about someone.  I even paste obits and newspaper articles of world affairs on some pages.  That is my entry.  These words, photos, drawings are my history.  Are you ready to start your history?  Trust me on this one, it is so much fun. Just  put the date at the top of the page and write  or illustrate a little each day.  You will be surprised how quickly this habit becomes part of your day.

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