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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Essence of Time

Today I have been pondering time. Time is elusive. I seldom meditate on it because in a moment it is gone. Gone are free fairs, free prizes in detergent, and free air and gas station services. Double features were a common occurrence in my youth. The time of freebies has expired.

Time can speed by so quickly that I can’t remember when the party began. A day at the beach steals time and leaves me wanting more. A simple walk through pine scented woods give me an embrace that lingers. Watching dancing clouds forming figures in the azure sky helps me recognize the absence of time. Sitting with a dying relative creates a lingering and the realization of the stopping of time.

How many times have I said, “ That just seems like yesterday.”? Actually five years had passed. That time was like the mist of morning: unmarked and undefined. This leads me to wonder if there is some bookmark in my brain that holds special days and allows me to reach them quickly but diminishes all the searches in between those days.

Entertainment definitely speeds up time. Boredom almost stops time. Yearning and envy waste time. Intentions stall time and often result in losing time.

Quietly the red orb slips into the sunset creating a time framed picture in my mind. Many of these time frames lure me into singing, dancing, remembering, and tearing. Time has shaped me, taught me, disciplined me, and humbled me. I tend to let go of times of thunderstorms and dark nights. I nurture times of delight.

Time unfolds mysteries and wraps me in harmony with God, nature, and wisdom.

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