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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today, as I walk through the mangroves, I watch a pair of blue heron basking in the sun in the still waters. The bay waters gently nudge the sand as the pair stand ankle deep in the teal water. They are tall and elegant and so content with their surroundings. I am certain they are not aware of their extraordinary elegance, but they look at each other with an accepting look.

Since I am walking with my husband, I look at him and receive an equal look of contentment and acceptance. I imagine the herons are gazing at us and thinking that we are a mated couple just like them. We are shorter and stouter, but we have similarities. We too chose to become a lasting couple. The heron is watching his mate protected by the mangroves. I have always known that Denny protects me. Sometimes, it is a protection from too much detail about finances, other times it is easing me into a tragedy that has happened, and I have always known he would give his life if someone endangered me. This type of trust occurs after many years of marriage and knowing each other’s strengths. I, like the female heron, feel safe when I am with my mate.

We stop to sit on a fallen log and watch the seagulls diving for prey. The terns remain wing to wing even when they are on the beach. They feel protected by their numbers. When one takes flight, all of the others follow. I sense they know more about unity than I ever will. The flapping of their wings create a clapping sound. I imagine them applauding praises to God for their intricate creation.

Denny reaches for my hand. He holds it without saying any words. We just sit in the sunlight appreciating each other and the rhythm of the wild life around us. We are not hunting food. We are not even seeking anything from each other. We are content as we are. In our peace and harmony, I taste with love all that is good.

As Isaiah 26:3 states, “Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose imagination is stayed on Thee.” I have discovered through the years that nature echoes God’s ideas. It is His imagination that created these lovely creatures, this protective forest, and these soothing waters. My best lessons come through earth's embrace.


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