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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Call Me a Mangrove

Call Me a Mangrove

Today as I walk through the mangrove forest, I realize that the mangroves closest to the beach line are red. Their curved prop roots are often in the water. They fringe the coast to help absorb the fury of coastal storms. I am always amazed as nature teaches me how things “should be”.

If we are in a storm, we need “prop roots” too. We need encouragement, compassion, and protection. We need for friends to be there to absorb some of the fury we are enduring. God will be with us, but He uses people to extend hands and love to others. Just like the mangroves, we have multiple purposes.

I notice as I walk that many animal species live in the popped up roots. Small birds nest in the higher branches. These roots provide shelter and protection and every day habitats. I think to be a true companion; we too need to provide every day habitats of laughter, understanding, and help to our neighbors, spouses, and buddies. The mangroves seem to know their purpose well and function each day in their destiny.

So, my new motto is, “Just call me a mangrove.” To live as a mangrove is a serious commitment to mankind. I will try to meet this call.

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  1. I like this idea of being a mangrove--even though I've never seen one, I can see it vividly from your description. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and impressions! As we sit here on another snowy evening, I know that if you were here you would find the beauty that so many of us miss. You would also love the frosty mornings with all the trees shining like silver!