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Thursday, February 4, 2010

God of All Things

You are my God of early mornings, late nights, snow covered mountains, and the roaring sea.

As I watch the glowing red ball dance upon the glistening teal waters, I am amazed at the expanse of the ocean before me. I am always in awe as I listen to the sea and watch the waves coming onto the shore. Since I was a tiny babe, the sifting sand and swishing waves have entertained me. When I stand on the beach, I am home in the heart. My eyes fill with warm tears as I remember the special seaside moments.

As a child the sea meant family time together, beach picnics, and good times with Daddy in the ocean. As a teenager, the sea brought me an understanding of the wonders under the glistening tabletop of water. I discovered pastel reefs, blue and green schools of fish, and my wonderful friends, the dolphins. I became akin to each of these beautiful creatures, and I would leave school and eagerly go out to sea with my cousin. The sea was our playground, and we never tired of the adventure of discovery.

As an adult the sea meant solace. I would walk the wet sand beach and talk to God. I would tell Him of my problems, my dreams, my hurts, and my expectations. He would always listen. The sea represented a mighty Counselor to me. By the shores of the aqua waters, I wrote many prayers, poems, and praises.

Now, the sea brings serenity to my mind and soul. As I watched my first Florida sunset of this year, I saw many others grabbing the calming waters. We sighted the sunset as if it were a spectacular event that we had never viewed previously. We watched with expectation, yet surprise. We noted the sun’s tripping lightly over the silky sea. The light reflections were meaningful and resurrected so many memories from my past. The vastness reminded me of my minute existence in this massive world. The sea embraced the fiery ball with such dignity, expertise, and knowing. They were long time companions and knew each other’s power and position. They respected each other’s elements and season. Once again, the sea had become my teacher, my counselor, my being.

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