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Friday, September 4, 2009

Blogging expectations

Tonight Denny and I went to see the movie Julie and Julia. It was an upright movie of Julia Child's life and a young writer , who commits to blogging every day of a year and cooking every recipe in Julia's cookbook. That is quite a commitment. However, it is when we reach and are out of our comfort zone that we grow. It is as if these sacrifices create opportunities.

When I decided to do this blog, I was unaware of the discipline it would take. I have already missed one day in September, but I am inspired to write each day. So far my formats seem to be of a devotional genre. I didn't intend that. It just happened. I am unsure if I will keep that format because I read in my friend Linda's blog that the language should be casual and conversational. Wow, that creates new expectations. I think it is important that I use this blog as a discipline and a way to establish my writing voice. When I wrote my daily feelings, epiphanies, joys, and hurts in my private hard copy journal, no one read them. I didn't publish them. Now, I choose to do that. It is building my confidence, so I will send in articles to publishers and editors. There I go making more demands on myself.

I think almost my whole life I have put demands on my days. I thought when I retired that I would relax, read, cook Julia Child kind of meals, and take endless walks. I have been retired nine years and have worked most every day. I weed a garden, trim a bush, mop the floor, clean a closet, wash a window to name a few of my daily chores. Those task are just "givens" in my to do list. Then, I turn it up a notch and ask myself, " What if this was the last day of your life? " That is tough one because I love to help people with their problems, their self esteem, their understanding of language. I enjoy fixing meals for the sick or cheering the forlorned. Exhortation is my gift. Lifting others up brings me great fulfillment. These are things I want to do my last day on earth as well as create.

Then, I ask," what have I done for my spirit today? " I love to study the Bible, pray, and read books by spiritual philosophers like Blackaby,McDonald, CS Lewis. Each of these readings stretch me and help me understand God more clearly.

Next, I ask. "What have you done for your body today?" I walk the dogs every day. Walking is just part of my day. I do need to do a more challenging exercise because my body has become accustomed to walking. I bike a bit, do water aerobics once or twice a week, but I still need to do more.

Ahh, I nudge, " What have you done to day to satisfy your creativity?" I write, draw, paint, artfully journal, scrapbook, or stamp and make cards. I love all these activities and wish I had more time to spend in my art room. I do something creative almost every day, but desire to do more each day.

Then, I say, what have you learned today? I address this in several ways. I read a new concept on painting, or an article on writing, or pursue a topic through a google search. Learning is a strong desire , and I seek each day.

Now I need a little extra money, so I work a few hours each week. I wish I would be more disciplined and write more and become published. I fantasise of making money by writing. Writing is such hard work, but it is what I chase in my dreams..

So, you can readily see that my days are busy. My expectations are demanding. My choices are many. I like this even though my body loves to lie on the couch and nap and read. Today I have shared some personal things about me . I want you to know I do not understand the blogging rules or expectations. I raise the bar each time I sit at the computer. I don't mean the space bar or the alcohol bar.....just that bar of life that keeps prodding me onward. I expect all humans measure their day much as I do. We are evaluating what makes life valuable. I do cherish life and all the opportunities. Life is reaching,working, learning, and building lasting relationships. As the T-shirt company's motto says, " Life is good."

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