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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Living Life via blogging

A writer friend advised me , "You never know what type of life you are living, until you start writing about it." This blog has provided an opportunity for me to see how I live my life.

Some days I focus exclusively on nature, my gardens, and the weather. Other days I grieve for a dying friend, a lost loved one, or a hurting neighbor. I recognize that living in Indiana affords me quiet times and big skies held down to the earth by soy beans. Because of so much flat land, my mind is not cluttered. I can reflect on yesterday, today, and savor the dreams of tomorrow.

Each day I am amazed how God leads me to write . He reminds me of His gentle words, His directions, and His commandments. God is my Father, my Creator in whom I trust . I depend on Him , and He never has let me down.

I have remarkable friends. My neighbor has helped me find humor in every day . We sometimes laugh inappropriately, but we always laugh. Our laughter has kept our friendship alive. Laughter has created a bond and understanding. For her I am grateful. I have a friend that has thirteen siblings and still has time for me. I cherish our talks and visits. We are forever trying to discover a successful, healthy eating program. Best of all, both of these friends talk to me about God. They share new understandings in the word of God , and we share books we have read. We pray for each other and earnestly seek God. It is a blessing indeed to have spiritual sisters.

My blog reveals my love of the arts. I hunger to create. Sometimes it is creative writing, but other days are filled with painting and classical music. I thrive on entering into creation or appreciating other people's art and writing. I spent thirty three years trying to inspire young people to love reading, enjoy writing, and appreciate poetry. Many days I returned home exhausted. I had embellished too many poems, discovered so many dangling participles, and asked a plethora of questions. I gave all my creative energy to my students. I had little left in me to write , paint, or even read. I think that is why I appreciate the arts so much in my retirement. I have the energy to engage , learn, and attempt a new work. This is a wonderful place in my life.

I write because I enjoy using words to mold an idea. I write to persuade. I write to reflect and describe my world. These words are my tools. Some days my writing is stronger than other days. Nonetheless, I write to share my love of God and my family and friends. I have discovered what kind of life I live through blogging. I am blessed.

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