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Monday, September 7, 2009

Brain Snag

Today I have been thinking about my brain, your brain, and my neighbor's brain. It is a scrunched up gray mass that performs constantly. It will perform on demand; for example, I need to call my neighbor and her phone is etched forever in one of my mind files. Then, I need to recall a theme of a best loved book. Bingo, " A child narrates life lessons learned through growing up in a small town." I need to share a recipe and out comes the ingredients and preparation as if I were reciting from the Joy of Cooking. Each little neuron is huddled up and ready to call the plays we need for today's game. It amazes me each time I work a puzzle. I stumble, mumble, and am humbled, but my brain comes through most days. It fills in each little block with a cue from a clue. I take for granted that I am carrying around millions of facts, sensations, memories, and thoughts. I look at my grand babies and marvel how quickly their brains learn, expand, memorize , and retain. Our brains are miraculous organs that have grown with us since conception.

I think of my brain as a crowded science lab. One part is analyzing and dissecting an idea. Another area is contemplating color, texture, design, and composition. In this lab, some neutrons are firing and some are not doing so well as I age. What used to be a simple task of finding a synonym , can sometimes be quite a challenge. A joke my sister and I have is , " No direct questions, please." It just seems that it takes a bit longer to recover, discover, or hover over an idea. All the students are in the lab but some are horsing around and some are sleeping. However, amazingly, my brain continues to learn, to function, to grasp without any meds or buttons.

I am honored and thankful for its faithfulness. I delight when it spurns new ideas, visions, or pictures. I hunger for art days because my brain needs art to regenerate and expose its uniqueness . Nothing looks the same in a bright light, a shadow, or a memory. The brain transcribes according to my demands. It is a delightful gray mass that keeps on keeping on.

So, I just wanted to take today and say, " Thank you, brain."

I know my Creator lives when I meditate on how intricate He created our brains. How could He design such a complex organ that can visualize, love, or do algebra? Why , my brain can hurl itself across mountains and clearly see the Pacific Ocean. I can remember snorkeling through a school of fish and almost reinvent the senses of that day. The brain is a dull colored mass that is essential for this life. It houses our mind. It is our mind and only ours. Our mind a pleasure dome of dreams, senses, and our very private expectations. Like snowflakes, no two minds are alike. We are wonderfully and divinely made. Is that not evidence of our Lord God , our Creator?

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