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Sunday, September 6, 2009

She Taught Me Blue

My Aunt Louise was remembered as a quiet, introspective artist. She was positive and not caught up in material things, but instead, she loved the sea and being outside in Florida. She did a lot of plain ere painting. She meditated and painted boats by the sea, seascapes, a lonely sail boat in the ocean. Her oils of boats reflected movement in their sails. She had studied egrets so intently that she could paint them to perfection. She recognized the pattern of their feathers and their monochromatic differences. Aunt Louise's art world kept her afloat in her earthly world. She could drown out " unfairness" and a troubled marriage with the sound of a paintbrush upon her canvas. One day while she was painting a seascape, she asked, " What color is the water?" I quickly answered, "Well, I guess it is blue." "Look again, " she encouraged. She showed me the shadows of teal and the peaks of gray. She trained my eye to see how the sun's reflections changed gray to silver. She taught me that blue was much stronger, much deeper, much more reflective than I had ever imagined. Aunt Louise taught me blue.

In her teaching me blue, I learned to meditate on the clouds, the earth, the trees, and most importantly God. I began to recognize that He was many more layers than I realized. As I focus on Him, I have understood how amazing and encompassing He is. By training my eye through the scriptures, I have begun to understand His character, His essence, His magnificence. Through daily meditation I have learned to know Him well, but not well enough. I must continue to look for reflections of meaning in God's names. I must see how He changed my destiny and yours by sending His son to the cross. I analyze and realize His worth, His love, His creation. So, I thank Aunt Louise for teaching me blue because she was teaching me how to see God in so many new ways.

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