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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A meditation in summer

The red bud's heart shaped leaves create a canopy of shade. It protects me from the burning sun. The shade is dark, alluring, and cooling. I realize that this is a momentary provision, but I welcome it openly. Now is now and all seems reverent in this silent yet holy place. I inhale deeply and the calmness gently enters my nostrils, my lungs, my entire being. A temperate breeze brushes me and cools my skin as my serenity prevails inward. It stops me from thinking of laundry, painting, cleaning, or sorting . It empties me of duty and responsibility.

My breathing is soft and gentle. My shade is my Father's wing. Under His wing I am a mere child protected. I linger in this state as a bird perched by a stream. Nothing is wrong with me, my family, my world. I hover and enjoy this celestial covering. It is my paradise, my garden of Eden. I will wait for the gentle voice to speak calmness over calamity. I will wait until He calls me by name. I am one with him in the cool stillness of this summer day.

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