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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My student, Arthur, and I meet again just forty-seven years later.

This is my former student, Arthur McClain, and his lovely wife Cheryl.  We met for dinner at Cowbill’s.  Arthur was the first student from forty-seven years ago that I found in my search.  We met last year and rebuilt our friendship from 1967 when he was my enthusiastic and soft-spoken student.  He would always volunteer to pass out papers, straighten desks, and do drama readings.  He still has a mellow, soft voice and now is enthusiastic about the Lord and how He has protected him through Katrina, poverty, and hardships. 
            Den and I enjoy he and his wife and laugh a lot when we are with them.  We love that New Orleans cooking.  Arthur is a key figure in my book.  I can still see that junior high guy within.  Arthur kept me laughing that first year of teaching, and he still makes me laugh in retirement.  One of the greatest blessings of being a teacher is reuniting with my students as adults. 

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