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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wednesday on Julia Street

Art Galleries


from others is a most significant use of time.  Creativity is contagious .

Wednesday, as I walked down Julia Street, I popped into 15 private galleries. The spaces were large and deep.  I marveled at the small studio rooms within the large ones filled with three dimensional art and new artists’ works.  Artist installations were dramatic, mostly contemporary work.  I entered one after another and talked to the gallery person in charge and learned so much.  The gallery keepers were so proud of New Orleans, her talent, her ability to spring back after Katrina, and Mardi Gras traditions.  Visiting here for about the tenth time, I still found unturned treasures, new creative ideas, and historical facts for my memoir about the Big Easy. No city compares to New Orleans focus on merriment, love of the arts, classy antique stores, Cajun and Creole food, and historical architecture.  I never tire of driving down St. Charles Street and looking at the well-kept antebellum mansions.  It is a picturesque town with warm and friendly people.  I feel like a child grasping and learning all the things I can in a short time.  Even ten days is too short of a stay in New Orleans.

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