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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Rolled back time to 1967 at Carter G. Woodson Jr. High. This is Irene , who is a twin to Earline. (Earline lives in Dallas now because of being transplanted from Katrina.) These ladies grabbed my heart when they were my students.  I have loved them a lifetime.  I reunited with Irene yesterday.  We laughed and shared good times, funny stories, and "how it was" memories.I still felt the same love for her as when she was a seventh grader even though she is a grandma now.

The twins are key characters in my memoir.  They taught me love.

We had red beans and rice because it was Monday in New Orleans.  Christmas decorations are being exchanged for the gold, purple, and green Mardi Gras decor.  Bleachers line the streets for the parades to come.  The city is preparing for the Super Bowl in two weeks.  This is one busy city.

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