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Monday, January 21, 2013

Pastor Debra Brown Morton

Pastor Debra Morton

This is Pastor Debra Brown Morton in the photo with me.  She is the pastor of a large church, Greater St. Stevens Full Gospel Baptist Church of New Orleans.  She and her husband pastor another large church of 5,000 in Atlanta. 
Debra was my student at Carter G. Woodson.  When we met this time, it was like we had never been separated.  We instantly loved each other and recognized the like Spirit within.  We spent three hours together on Thursday, another three hours on Friday at a dinner at Paul K’s Kitchen over a scrumptious New Orleans cuisine dinner.  We attended two of her Sunday services and one of her Bible study teachings.  We were so blessed.  I love this lady who has followed God, built two churches with her husband, Bishop Paul Morton,started Women of Excellence in New Orleans, as well as many other outreach ministries for women.  She is known internationally and has preached in Nigeria and London.  She is an anointed speaker and teacher.  She has the same passion and energy that she had as a middle school student in 1967.
 We couldn’t stop hugging and remembering all our school days together.  My time with Debra was both inspiring and humbling that she remembered me so well.  She remembered my words of encouragement, my gurgling giggles, and my eyes that grew so large when I would encounter a new experience.  She said I was so kind that the children decided not to give me a hard time because they knew I would just be nice to them anyway.  I can’t remember my persona at 22 or details of my first teaching job.  I am in New Orleans doing interviews to help me remember these times more accurately.  I do remember the love I had for these kids and the love returned.

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