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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Glory of the sun swept day

I have a secret garden. It is by a purple plum tree that creates a canape over my glider. I planted a shadow garden beside the glider , so as I gently swing, I have a lovely view of hostas, blue bells, white violets, Japanese painted ferns, and coral bells. I never tire of sitting under my tree . It is a sanctuary in the middle of the suburb. The coolness caresses me, and sweet scents of perfumed flowers drift by me. No one can see me sitting tucked away in my secret garden. However, I can see my neighbors clearly. I watch how they busy their days.

How many of us create a quiet place? We seem to innately yearn to be alone for comfort and strength. "Open my eyes to divine teachings from earthly wonders, " I ask. As I look at the expanse of the blue heavens, I have clarity of mind. My earth born cares just yield to the joys of my heavenly communion . The Lord meets with me in my secret place. I gather His grace from the soft and gentle breezes of the surrounding shade trees. As I peep through the vine covered trellis, I feel His presence. I feel very blessed to have him spend time with me. He sees me always when others cannot. He hears my heart and feels my warm tears fall on his scarred feet. The greens of the garden remind me of the everlasting life He has given me. I am in the glory of a sun swept day.

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